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Lowe Boats began in 1971, under the name of Lowe Line. It wasn’t until 1980, that the founders, Carl and Diana Lowe, changed the name of the company to Lowe Boats. From the beginning, the company’s mission has been to build high value aluminum boats and canoes that will suit a family’s boating needs. They have not only succeeded in their mission, but have also achieved many milestones that have helped the whole industry of boating. These milestones include building the very first dedicated bass boats in 1975, introducing the first aluminum deck boat in 1992, and joining the Brunswick Corporation in 2004. Lowe Boat Company has come a long way since their first twenty-nine models in 1972. Now they are at the forefront of the aluminum boat industry, making over one hundred fishing and cruising boats per year. 

      This boat company takes pride in their genuine, hand crafted boats. Constructed in the heart of the Ozarks, Lowe boats are created entirely by hand, using the high tolerance CAD design specifications. The Lowe professionals who make the boats are trained to use the latest computer assisted manufacturing technologies that are available today. As a result, these professionals are essential for the superior construction and excellent fit and finish of Lowe boats.  

      Great reviews have shown Lowe Boats to be just as superior and outstanding as they claim to be. With the highest resale value in the aluminum boat industry, and having received many awards for customer satisfaction, it is only natural that they should be one of the best aluminum boat builders in the industry today. Some of the innovations that have pushed Lowe Boats to the top are:

  • Computerized press breaks – creates components that match military aircraft specifications.
  • Plasma arc cutter – ensures a hull and transom that are straight and true.
  • Computerized paint systems – produces a durable and attractive high gloss finish.
  • Modular construction jigs – ensures that every molecule adheres to the exact design criteria.

Lowe has two boat categories: Fishing Boats, and Pontoon and Deck Boats. The Fishing Boat category has everything from bass models to fish and ski boats. With six boats series, and sixty boats in total, this group of boats is equipped for tons of fun on the water. The six boat series are:

    • Bass – Stinger - 160, 170, 175, and 180
      • Wider decks and storage compartments, bigger livewells, and extruded center keels and bow-stems
    • Deep V – Fish & Ski - FS165, FS175, and FS185 Fishing Machine – FM1655, FM1755, and FM1855
      • Walk-through windshields, ski tow bars, moveable fishing chairs, and large aerated livewells
    • Value V – Angler – AN140T, AN140S, AN150T, AN150S, AN165T, and AN165S
      • Extruded running stakes, extra large rod and tackle storage, aerated livewells, and EverLast composite frames
    • Welded Jon – Roughneck – R1448M, R1542V, R1652VT, R1652VPT, R1652VTC, R1652SS, R1655TN, R1655D, R1756VT, R1756VPT, R1756VTC, R1760MT, R1860VT, R1860VPT, R1860VTC, R1960MT, R1960MTC, R2070VT, R2070VPT, and R2070VTC
      • Wider beams and bottom widths, higher gunnels, no-wood composite, and .100 gauge hulls
    • Riveted Jon – Jon boats - L1032, L1232, L1236, L1436, L1436L, L1440M, L1448T, L1448, L1448MT, L1448M, L1648T, L1648, L1648MT, L1648M, L1652MT, and L1852MT
      • Rounded, formed-in keels, extruded and coined ribs, cast lifting handles, and durable paint finish
    • Utility – Sea Nymph – 1256, 1457, 1462, 1467, 1467T, 1467WT, 1667, and 1667T
      • Oar locks, Limited Lifetime Warranties, and roomy bottoms

The second category of Lowe boats is the Pontoons and Deck Boats group. Luxurious and roomy, these boats come with all the comforts and amenities possible. There are four series in this category, with twenty-eight models in total. These are the boat series’ and some of their features:

  • Jamaica – JM200, JM220SD, JM220, JM224, JM250SD, JM250, and JM252
    • Luxurious wraparounds, oversized padded sun decks, deluxe fishing seats, and entertainment centers
  • Trinidad – TR180, TR182, TR184, TR200, TR202, TR204, TR220, TR222, TR224, and TR240
    • Extra storage, stern 3-rod holders, entertainment centers, comfort-grip wheels, and anti-feedback steering
  • Bimini – BN180, BN184, BN210, BN214, and BN240
    • Roomy bow lounges, custom helm stations, entertainment centers, built-in tackle boxes, and barrel helm chairs
  • Tahiti – TH192, TH194, TH220SD, TH220, TH222, and TH224
    • Entertainment centers, custom weave carpets, luxurious bow chase lounges, under-seat storage, and rod lockers

Lowe Boat Company has some of the best aluminum boats for sale in the industry. These boats are backed up by one of the best warranties in the industry as well. Whether it is a boat, a part, or just an accessory, Lowe has a compliant warranty to cover what you need. There are dealers all over the country who are there to help their customers. The helpful Lowe dealers are a huge part in giving Lowe the highest customer satisfaction levels in the boat business, and they will help their customers find the used or new Lowe boat that is right for them. 

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